Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tell Congress: STOP THE DRONES!

Nearly every member of Congress from North Carolina can be reached on Twitter. Below are their Twitter addresses. If they really represent us, now is the time for them to become responsive to our message: STOP THE DRONES!


1st District - GeorgeButterfield: @gkbutterfield
2nd District - ReneeElmers: @repreneeellmers
3rdDistrict - Walter B.Jones: @RepWalterJones
4th District - DavidPrice: @repdavideprice
5th District - VirginiaFoxx: @virginiafoxx
6th District - HowardCoble: @howardcoble
7th District - MikeMcIntyre: @repmikemcintyre
8th District - LarryKissell: @replarrykissell
9th District - SueMyrick: @SueMyrick
10th District - PatrickMcHenry: @PatrickMcHenry
11th District - HeathShuler: NOT ON TWITTER!
12th District - MelvinWatt: @melwattnc12
13th District - BradleyMiller: @RepBradMiller

Learn more about the Congressional drones advocates in other states -- the members of the Congressional Unmanned Systems Caucus.

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