Sunday, August 26, 2012

VFP and NC Peace Action Say "End Drone Warfare!" During DNC

North Carolina Peace Action and NC Veterans For Peace (VFP) will launch a joint public outreach campaign during the protests at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) to stop the U.S. program of open and covert drone warfare and surveillance.

As part of the campaign, both the NC Peace Action and VFP tables at the PDA "Progressive Central - The People's Convention on Tuesday, September 4, in Charlotte will have a petition to "End Drone Warfare." (See full text below.)

The outreach and petition effort will be ongoing, including at the NC Peace Action booth at the North Carolina State Fair October 15-26.

Join North Carolina Peace action and Veterans For Peace to End Drone Warfare!

PETITION: End Drone Warfare

To: President Barack Obama

Our nation is leading the way toward a new form of warfare, where airmen sitting in control rooms thousands of miles away command deadly drone strikes dismissing civilian victims as “collateral damage.” This very real “video-game warfare,” directed largely by the Central Intelligence Agency, is immoral and lacks transparency and accountability.

Pakistani authorities estimate U.S. drone strikes killed more than 700 innocent civilians in 2009. Instead of making us safer, drone warfare has radicalized people in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, increased anti-American sentiment and perpetuated an endless cycle of violence.

We, the undersigned, believe drone warfare is illegal and immoral, and we are filled with anguish by the deaths of innocent civilians. We ask our leaders to stop drone warfare, and to lead efforts toward diplomacy and development, not more violence.


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  1. their flying them here in n/e n.c. i'll shoot the thing down if it buzzes my house. goddamn nazi's want too control everyone.